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The Haier Group is a leading supplier of HVAC solutions. The company was set up in 1984, in Quingdao. Since the onset of its activity, Haier uses innovative solutions to supports individual, sustainable development of its clients. Over the years, this local factory became a global company with a turnover of over USD 32.3 billion in 2014. Haier has over 80,000 employees and provides its services to clients in over 100 countries all over the world.

By 2011, the Haier company submitted over 12,000 patent applications and individually authorized 8,350 patents. Moreover, Haier had participated in developing 77 international standards, out of which 27 have been patented and implemented. Thanks to those activities, Haier is a market leader, setting trends all over the world.
The Haier Group is a supplier of solutions for Cooling, Home Appliances and HVAC. Special attention should be paid to its convenient and ecological Air-conditioning Systems. Haier products have many features designed to improve comfort of use and provide energy savings.


The DAIKIN company is a producer of highly effective cohesive range of devices for maintaining indoor climate, systems for both residential, commercial and industrial applications. The DAIKIN product portfolio is based on four distinct main pillars, reflecting the diversity of the company’s production. Each pillar uses advanced technologies providing maximum energy performance while ensuring minimum energy consumption and reduced operating costs throughout the life cycle of the equipment. The company’s offer is very wide and includes all key aspects of comfort air-conditioning.

In the offer of Daikin, you will find products dedicated to air-conditioning and ventilation, a wide range of heat pumps or condensing boilers. The company also provides equipment for the cooling industry.


Lunos is a Berlin based company, successfully operating on the market for over 56 years and its products have recently become a definition of quality, durability and superior design. It brings to the market its own innovative, effective and reliable systems, which guarantee safe and cost efficient solutions, especially in the field of dealing with excess humidity and mould. Lunos offers effective solutions for all types of buildings, in various stages of construction.

For many years now, Lunos has been a key player in the industry, specializing in ventilation.

Mitsubishi Electric

The globally recognizable Mitsubishi brand offers a variety of products and services. The company founded in 1920, known today as Mitsubishi Electric, has quickly gained the status of the leader in the air-conditioning industry and continues to reinforce its leading position. It represents one of the most energy efficient commercially available systems. It is among the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of electric and electronic products and systems with a wide range of applications. It takes advantage of the most innovative technologies to ensure environmental protection.

In the offer of Mitsubishi Electric, you will find products for air-conditioning as well as heat pumps, recuperators and dehumidifiers.


The Panasonic company sets standards in innovation — an achievement confirmed by over 91,539 patents, each constituting a solution highly valued by customers. The company’s products are manufactured in 294 factories located all over the world. Continuous improvement of standards made Panasonic a world leader in the industry, offering a wide range of comprehensive heating and air-conditioning solutions dedicated both to residential, commercial and public utility buildings as well as industrial buildings. Its systems not only meet all requirements of modern construction but also provide maximum performance, comply with environmental norms and fulfil expectations of the most avant-garde designers.

The Panasonic company offers a wide range of air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps both for private homes and larger buildings (air-air) as well as the modern Aquarea technology (water-air). What is more, Panasonic provides products for the VRF system, Control Systems as well as heating and cooling systems configurations.

LG Electronics

The LG Electronics company was founded in 1958. It is an international manufacturer offering innovative technologies in the field of electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, with 82,000 employees in 119 locations around the world.
The company is divided into four business categories:
Home Entertainment
Mobile Communications
Home Appliance & Air Solution
Vehicle Components
Due to its breakthrough solutions, the LG company has become one of the industry leaders.

The LG company provides a wide range of room and wall-mounted air-conditioning units as well as devices for commercial use: cassette, duct, floor-ceiling and ceiling air conditioners. It also offers VRF systems and Multi V IV systems certified by Eurovent. The offer of LG also includes air purifiers and dehumidifiers.


EMICON is an Italian manufacturer operating on the market of air-conditioning and ventilation since 1984. The company offers a wide range of high quality air-conditioning and cooling devices. Apart from continuously developing and updating its product catalogue, EMICON also offers customized solutions, tailored to the customer’s needs.

EMICON has developed a range of chilled water units and condensing units, cooled with air or water, dedicated to industrial use to ensure appropriate temperature of technological processes and thermal comfort. EMICON manufactures the highest class precision air-conditioning cabinets, providing stable temperature and humidity in server rooms, laboratories and other interiors where climate control is required.