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The Carline company is a long-time business partner and an authorized service representative of the German company Lunos. We would like to recommend one of the world’s best ventilators available on the market. The SILVENTO ventilator is a revolutionary device each of us can have in our apartment or house!

Lunos is a pioneer in the field of modern solutions and the first company to develop a passive ventilation system for kitchen cabinets ventilated from outside. Lunos has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential ventilation and its position in the industry has remained unchallenged over the years.

German system = German quality

The SILVENTO ventilator has been developed and manufactured in Germany. Its production is carried out in a fully automated production hall in Berlin. This provides a guarantee that the materials used to construct the device are of the highest quality. The ventilator has been developed using a technology perfected by high-class experts. It has been refined to the smallest details.

Why is the SILVENTO model innovative?

The Silvento ventilator is the only commercially available ventilator which meets noise standards, with the acoustic pressure of 24 dB (A) for the capacity of 30 m3/h and 35 dB (A) for the capacity of 60 m3/h.

More and more often, in order to have one’s own apartment we have to think small, typically: one bedroom with a kitchenette. This solution imposes certain requirements. Standards for such apartments are shown in field 1 of the table. The permissible noise level at night is 25 dB (A). SILVENTO is the only device to fully meet these requirements.

This means that choosing the SILVENTO ventilator, you choose a device of the highest quality, and – what is important – operating almost without making any noise. Optimized engine, redesigned rotor and refined geometry have been combined in one device, offering the best and the most quiet commercially available ventilation system in the world. This feature is priceless in our houses or apartments, where we seek to find peace and quiet.

 The SILVENTO ventilator manufactured by LUNOS
Fig. 1 The SILVENTO ventilator manufactured by LUNOS

The SILVENTO ventilator is also environment friendly because it has been designed to reduce energy costs and minimize air pollution. This effect has been achieved by minimizing power consumption: 4.9/10.5 W for the capacity of 30/60 m3/h and the maximum pressure difference of 210 Pa. It also means reduced operational cost. It is worth to keep that in mind, especially as the cost of electricity is constantly growing. Moreover, the ventilator includes a filter contamination sensor. Built-in LED lights indicate that the filter must be changed and inform about the ongoing operation.

The basic version of the control system of exhaust ventilators may be equipped with an additional humidity and temperature sensor, to precisely adjust performance to current conditions. In the summer, it will switch to the lowest efficiency, while in the winter and during transition periods, it will adjust humidity. This will help protect buildings from excess humidity. The ventilator can also be improved by mounting a presence sensor. The consumed energy will then be adjusted, without excessive expenditure and unnecessary damage to the environment.
SILVENTO ventilators are also available in a 3-gear version, with a function of maximum performance delay or interval operation.

Also the design of SILVENTO is one of its assets. The front panel is flat and small (width 260 mm x height 260 mm x depth 108 mm). Its elegant and simple design will not interfere with the interior design. Air inlet is located in the back, so any traces of dirt are not visible.

Are you a designer or a developer? Make sure that the solutions you design are based on dependable technologies, ensuring maximum functionality and reliable quality. Discover possibilities of SILVENTO and use them to develop the best possible solutions for your future clients! Perfect solution for apartment blocks. Trust the technology and become a part of a breakthrough provided by the SILVENTO ventilator.

Are you building a house or an apartment? SILVENTO is also addressed to individual clients. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones, starting from the basics – high quality air. No noise. No problem. Guaranteed cost reduction.

 Cooperation Certificate
Fig. 2 Cooperation Certificate of the Lunos company and the Carline company


To sum up. The SILVENTO ventilator is…?

  • The most quiet commercially available ventilation device
  • The only ventilator meeting all noise standards PN-87/B-02151/02
  • Manufactured using cutting edge technology
  • Made by German experts in a German production company
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Controls humidity in interiors
  • Helps to maintain high air quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Equipped with a motion sensor and a temperature sensor
  • Has a filter contamination control system
  • In addition, it has an elegant, modern design




The Carline company is the only distributor of the SILVENTO ventilator in southern Poland.

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