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We should all be aware of the vital role of ventilation in a building. Without an adequate flow of oxygen breathing becomes difficult, unpleasant smell causing discomfort is produced and you risk health problems in the long run. This is due to dangerous substances deposited on furniture, carpets and equipment. In the presence of high humidity, which increases in the course of everyday activities such as washing, ironing or cooking, it is only reasonable that you should take proper care of good air flow. Otherwise, you risk health problems that might affect you and your loved ones, as your house or apartment becomes infected by fungi and mould. This is a significant concern also in the case of companies and production plants. After all, you and your employees spend a big part of your lives at work.

Therefore, what can you do to ensure good air quality? What solutions guarantee energy-efficiency and safety, while ensuring optimal
protection and efficiency?

We have already published posts about air purifiers, which effectively filter the air in the room where they are installed. However, they address only a small part of the problem, as they improve the situation in a limited scope of the purifier’s capacity. This method is not efficient enough in the case of larger surfaces. However, a complete purification process can be achieved using mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Without this system, it is almost impossible to create an energy-efficient environment, ensuring safety and comfort.

schemat wymiany powietrza
Fig. 1 Air exchange diagram; Recuperator

How does it work?
Fresh air from the outside passes through a recuperator (heat exchanger) and is heated by the air extracted from the room (no mixing).
Heat recovery in normal operating conditions can amount to as much as 95%!

What does this mean?
Fresh, filtered air from the outside is delivered to the building, while the used air with high CO2 content is removed.
This process is carried out in all rooms, all year long.

No need to open the windows.
No energy loss.
No pollution.

Filter section – a response to smog.

Sample filter module manufactured by the Carline company
Sample filter module manufactured by the Carline company

Sample filter module manufactured by the Carline companySample filter module manufactured by the Carline company The Carline company designs and manufactures mechanical ventilation systems including an important filter section with filters, which to a large extent remove pollution responsible for the creation of smog. Filter modules are installed in ventilation ducts, between the air inlet and the air handling unit with a recuperator. A filter module includes the following types of filters:

  • G4 filter, removing 100% of PM10 particles and 35% of PM2.5 particles;
  • F7 filter, which removes up to 95% of PM2.5 particles;
  • carbon filter, which removes odours from e.g. car exhaust fumes as well as reduces noise.

The result?
The air free from dust, toxins, odours and allergens. The use of filter modules does not generate significant pressure drops, while reducing noise in the system and does not require power supply.

What are the advantages of a recuperator?
Ventilation is to a large extent responsible for heat losses in the winter. In order to achieve balance between saving energy and maintaining proper ventilation, it is worth considering using a recuperator. Expenses on heating can be significant and heat recuperation from ventilation can considerably reduce them.
Heat savings can reach 70% to 95% of the energy used by the ventilation system. Therefore, when planning a construction of a house or a company building it is possible to reduce the number of heaters and install windows without night ventilation. Additional savings can be achieved by removing the necessity to construct venting shafts and chimneys.

It is evident that the costs of designing and installing a recuperator will be quickly returned.

What is the main gain?In the context of expenses, your budget will be more balanced, but most of all you gain better health and well-being, which are priceless!
Simply put: fresh air is supplied to the building, while removing the used air and at the same time getting rid of fungi, mites or allergens.

Thanks to the cutting edge technology, the expert knowledge and skills of our highly qualified team and regular maintenance of the filters, we can guarantee a substantial improvement of air quality!


Clean air is absolutely crucial to all people. Let us take care that we never miss it in our houses or apartments as well as at work!


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