• Solutions:

    Design and implementation of the mechanical ventilation
  • Location:

  • Date of implementation:

    February 2013–April 2013
  • Client:

    F&M Sp. z o. o. Sp. k.
  • Surface:

    478 m2

About project

Implemented installations:

  • Supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation installation

  • Automation

Supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation with automation:

In 2013, we designed and implemented the installation of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery in the modernized 2-level restaurant in the Cloth Hall.


The scope of works executed by the Carline company included a complete design and installation of mechanical ventilation based on an air handling unit with heat recovery, with a capacity of 15,000 m3/h. The unit supports restaurant halls on levels -1 and 0, the kitchen on -1 level and air supply to kitchen facilities on levels -1 and 0. Air extraction from the bathrooms and the social room is carried out by duct fans connected to the existing gravitation ventilation ducts. The air handling unit is located in the technical room at the mezzanine level of the restaurant. The air inlet is located in the window of the technical room and the air outlet is wall-mounted, made of copper and located on the roof, at the level of the Cloth Hall terrace, above the National Museum. The discharge chute is made with the fire protection Conlite insulation and it passes through the National Museum.


The Carline company also selected and installed cooker hoods for the restaurant kitchen.

The whole ventilation installation is equipped with automation supplied by a supplier of such equipment as temperature control, air flow rate and time programming devices.

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