• Solutions:

    Design and implementation of air-conditioning, ventilation, heating and automation installations
  • Location:

  • Date of implementation:

    May 2011–April 2012
  • Client:

    “WIEK-RA” Wiesław Krawiec
  • Surface:

    520 m2

About project

Implemented installations:

  • Supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation installation
  • Air-conditioning and heating installations
  • Boiler room installation
  • Plumbing/water installation
  • Automation

Mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning, heating and plumbing/water installation:

In 2012, an exclusive restaurant “Augusta” was launched on the Vistula River, at the border of two districts of Krakow: Kazimierz and Podgórze. The restaurant is equipped with modern and energy efficient heating systems, air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation. All installations, including the plumbing/water installation, were designed and implemented by the Carline company.


The “Augusta” barge is equipped with a highly efficient supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation system supporting the restaurant hall at level 1, the VIP room and office rooms. Apart from the ventilation installation for the customer area, the Carline company designed and implemented air extraction ventilation for the kitchen and bathrooms.


The main source of heating in the floating restaurant is the fuel oil boiler room, with the heating capacity of 115 kW. The Carline company implemented the heating installation with heaters, the floor heating installation and ventilation convectors. During the summer season, the technological heat installation for convectors functions as the cooling water installation, providing indoor air-conditioning. The source of cooling for the air-conditioning installation is provided by the Aermec cooling water unit with the cooling capacity of 60 kW.


The fuel oil boiler room provides heating of the service water using coil water heater with the capacity of 500 l. Under the barge’s deck, there is a fuel oil tank and sanitary wastewater tank.


HVAC installations are equipped with automation supplied by suppliers of devices for air control, such as air temperature and air capacity.

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