• Solutions:

    Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Automation Implementation
  • Location:

  • Date:

    June 2016–August 2017
  • Client:

    Metropolis Design Hotel Sp. z o. o.
  • Surface:

    4,400 m2

About project

Hotel INX **** ul. Starowiślna, Kraków

Implemented installations:

  • Mechanical and gravity ventilation systems for the boiler room
  • Cooling water installation for cooling units
  • Cooling water installation for the coolers in central units
  • Cooling installation for convectors
  • Heating installation for convectors
  • Technological heat installation for ventilation units
  • Cooling installation for the heaters, floor heating, air/water curtains
  • Gas boiler room
  • Number of rooms: 118 + 4 suits


  • Café
  • Bar
  • SPA
  • Fitness
  • Conference rooms
  • Restaurant

Mechanical ventilation:

The building is supported by 5 Bartosz ventilation air handling units with complete automation for the hotel rooms, the restaurant, the bar, the fitness zone and the kitchen with a social room. Moreover, the installed devices include supply and exhaust fans for technical rooms, bathrooms, halls and corridors.

Cooling and heating installation:

The cooling and heating installation for office rooms using Daikin 4-pipe trench convectors (161 devices), individually controlled from each room using wall-mounted controllers and the BMS system. The implemented systems also include air-conditioning for the server room, using two Split systems. The source of cooling for the convectors are two Hiref cooling units equipped with a hydraulic module, a safety valve and an expansion vessel.

The source of heat in the building is the gas boiler room located in the attic, in a separate room (4 Brotje condensing boilers, 4 water heaters). The rooms are heated using convectors, air handling units and heaters. Convectors draw the air by common diffusers with expansion cans of the exhaust installation and supply warm or cool air through ventilation grilles.

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