• Solutions:

    Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Automation
  • Location:

  • Date of implementation:

    April 2012–January 2013
  • Client:

    Donimirski Pałac Pugetów Business Center
  • Surface:

    588 m2

About project

Implemented installations:

  • Mechanical ventilation installation
  • VRF GHP Panasonic air-conditioning and heating installations
  • Technological heat installation for the heaters of ventilation units
  • Automation of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems

Mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning and heating

Corporate Research Centre ABB is equipped with very effective and energy efficient mechanical ventilation installation with heat recovery. Each floor of the building has an independent ventilation unit with glycolic heat recovery, a water heater and complete automation. The total ventilation capacity of the building is over 15,000 m3/h. The units are equipped with complete automation for adjusting such parameters as air capacity and supply air temperature.


The building is air-conditioned and heated using a highly energy efficient VRF installation based on Panasonic Gas Heat Pumps (GHP). The total power of the installed GHP systems is approx. 250 kW. Warm and cool air is supplied to the rooms by external trench, wall and panel units, controlled individually by wall-mounted controllers in each room. The VRF GHP system is equipped with an intelligent central controller enabling centralized management of all devices in the system.

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