• Solutions:

    Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Automation
  • Location:

    Czerwienne – Bachledówka
  • Date of implementation:

    February 2013–December 2013
  • Client:

    Kodis Sp. z o. o.
  • Surface:

    2800 m2

About project

Scope of the implementation:

  •  Supply and exhaust mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  •  Air-conditioning and heating – VRF Midea system based on heat pumps with low temperature heat reservoir
  •  Automation of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems

Mechanical ventilation:

The “Bachledówka” Hotel has 44 fully air-conditioned and ventilated hotel rooms and public spaces, such as the restaurant, the banquet-conference hall, SPA with a swimming pool and a kitchen with a social room. The whole building is supported by 5 VTS supply and exhaust air handling units with heat recovery, with the total capacity of over 20,000 m3/h. All air handling units are equipped with complete automation. Each air handling unit has a water heater.


Air-conditioning and heating installations

The air-conditioning and heating installations is based on the MIDEA VRF system. At the centre of the system, there are heat pumps with low temperature heat water reservoir. In the cooling period, the heat from the building is extracted using a water-glycol solution, through a dry-cooler located outdoors. In the heating period, depending on the temperature outside, the low temperature heat reservoir for heat pumps is either an outdoor ventilator cooler (dry-cooler) or a biomass boiler room in lower temperatures. The rooms are heated or cooled by indoor trench or panel units equipped with wall-mounted controllers for adjusting air parameters. The total cooling capacity of the whole air-conditioning system is almost 200 kW, while the heating capacity is approx. 250 kW. The system is equipped with central control to manage the operation of the installation via the Internet, using a mobile device.

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