• Solutions:

    Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Automation
  • Location:

  • Date of implementation:

    October 2013 - now
  • Client:

    Energy 2000 Technico M.A. Goczał
  • Surface:

    26 ha

About project

Implemented installations:

  • Mechanical ventilation installation
  • Air-conditioning installation
  • Heating installation
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Heating the swimming pool water

Mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning and heating

The Amusement Park includes several dozen buildings with effective and energy efficient mechanical ventilation installations. The total amount of air exchanged in the buildings of the Park is over 200,000 m3/h. Effective ventilation of interiors, e.g. restaurants, cafés, shops, service facilities, technical buildings, etc. is provided by such devices as: Lennox rooftop units, VTS and Frapol supply and exhaust ventilation units with heat recovery and Harmann fans.

The Carline company was also responsible for the delivery and installation of air-conditioning and heating systems to all buildings in the Amusement Park. The air-conditioning of the whole Amusement Park is based on Split, Multi Split and VRF air-conditioners from the renowned Haier, LG and Fujitsu manufacturers. The total cooling power of all air-conditioning devices amounts to over 500 kW.

Heating in most of the buildings, e.g. the Formuła restaurant, the Entrance to the Park, the Black Jack café and the Wenecja restaurant is provided by Lennox rooftop units with gas heaters.

All devices are fitted with automation systems enabling the most effective and energy efficient control.

Swimming pool installations

In 2016, our company implemented complete swimming pool installations in the Water Park, which is a part of the Amusement Park “Energylandia”. The scope of the commissioned works included a complete filtration and water treatment system, along with the delivery and installation of water attractions (water slides, fountain, etc.) at the outdoor swimming pool.

The Carline company supplied and installed a highly energy efficient and eco-friendly water heating system using renewable energy sources. In order to increase the comfort of the users, the water in the outdoor swimming pool, with the capacity of over 1200 m3, is heated with a Lennox reversible air heat pump with the heating capacity of almost 400 kW. In the winter, the heat pump is used as a cooling water unit to produce the refrigerant for the ice rink. The cooling capacity of the device is approx. 200 kW.

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