The Carline company offers a full range of services and professional equipment for individual homes. We provide free on-site verification, consulting and installation of selected systems. Each order is treated individually in accordance with the expectations of our customers.

We also provide expert inspections and maintenance service (warranty and post-warranty service) of air-conditioning devices.


As specialists in the field of air-conditioning systems, we offer professional, innovative solutions.

A house is a place where we rest and regain strength. However, our immediate environment is not always friendly. This is directly linked to the quality of the air, which may be too dry or polluted. To improve air quality at home, it might be useful to take advantage of professional services and devices.

Currently, central air-conditioning is often a standard equipment in modern housing. Air-conditioning is installed together with heating and other amenities. Efficient air-conditioning improves the living standard, regardless of weather conditions.


The air we breathe, especially in big cities, is often dry and full of dangerous microorganisms. That is why it is worth using devices designed for home use. Humidifiers and air purifiers are the most innovative devices improving air quality.

Humidifiers clean and freshen the air to the benefit of health and wellbeing. A small, functional device with adequate power range is perfect for apartments or houses.

Efficient air purifiers protects against pollution, toxic volatile substances and smog. A good air purifier for home or apartment eliminates harmful compounds, unpleasant odours and allergens. Is an ideal solution for people suffering from allergies, asthmatics and smokers.

The optimal device will be a humidifier with air purification function.


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Optimal device power iskW

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