Ventilation is air exchange and removal of excessively heated or polluted air, while delivering fresh air. Our ventilation systems ensure fresh air, with the right temperature and quality, to reduce temperature difference in interiors. Installation of ventilation depends on, among others, the location of a building or a particular room, distribution of windows and atmospheric factors.

Mechanical ventilation installation on the roof of a residential building


The offer of the Carline company includes complete ventilation installation in office buildings, hotels, homes and restaurants as well as sports facilities and industrial buildings. Regardless of the project size, Carline specialists aim at optimizing of the ventilation process, which helps improve the quality and composition of air. Correct ventilation is continuous and provides steady air exchange. The other important feature is controlling the ventilation system to adjust it to atmospheric conditions and the setting of a particular room.

We cooperate with the biggest producers of ventilation equipment and materials in Poland. Among our strategic partners are such companies as: Harmann, Smay, ANG, Frapol, VTS, and Lennox.


Mechanical exhaust ventilation is usually installed in multi-family residential buildings. It includes exhaust duct fans, ventilation ducts, exhaust grilles located in rooms requiring ventilation, as well as exhaust vents.

In high standard buildings, air exchange is carried out by so-called air handling units, which are part of the mechanical intake-exhaust ventilation. Air handling units are widely used in mechanical ventilation systems in residential buildings, schools and universities as well as services and sports facilities. Such a ventilation provides treatment of intake air through the installed heat exchangers. Air handling units use filters to supply purified air to the building.

Intake and exhaust fans ensure air exchange and the intake air is purified by heat exchangers. Air handling units purify the intake air using special filters.

Energy efficient mechanical intake-exhaust ventilation with recuperation enables heat recovery. The key element is a recuperator, i.e. a device for heating the cool air from outside using the warm, exhaust air removed from the rooms in the winter. Heat exchanger enables cooling the warm air from outside by the cool air removed from the building.


Phot. Mechanical ventilation system with recuperation – ABM Hall, Krakow


Residential ventilation and smoke exhaust systems for underground parking lots enables to remove smoke in case of fire. Installation of ventilation includes axial smoke exhaust fans mounted on the roof and in ventilation ducts as well as jet fans mounted under the parking ceiling.



Phot. Residential ventilation in a parking – Bunscha Park, Krakow


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