To provide you with excellent climatic conditions at work and at home, the Carline company offers a number of innovative solutions. We offer professional air-conditioning installations and almost noiseless, highly efficient duct air conditioners.


The executive potential of the Carline company cover the full range of works in the air-conditioning industry. Air-conditioning is our field of expertise, confirmed by many years of experience and a highly qualified team of installation specialists. We guarantee a reliable and durable implementation of every order.

For many years now, we have cooperated with the biggest producers of air-conditioning equipment in Poland.

Among our strategic are such companies as: Haier, Daikin, LG, Midea, Fujitsu, Gree, Samsung, and Mitsubishi Electric.

At the request of the client, we prepare solutions tailored to specific needs, in accordance with an adequate installation project of the air-conditioning system. We pay particular attention to optimization and cost efficiency of the offered solutions, which can be developed in a timely fashion.

What type of air-conditioning can we offer?

Split air-conditioning is usually applied in single-family houses and small offices. It includes innovative devices, which are particularly user-friendly. Split air-conditioning is exceptionally efficient because it maintains the set parameters in the rooms.  It  comprises two cooperating units – indoor and outdoor. The indoor unit cools the air in the room, while the outdoor unit removes heat outside. Indoor air-conditioning is composed of elements which operate quietly, ensuring user comfort, while the outdoor unit includes noisy elements, thus the air conditioner is not bothersome during work or rest. The price of air-conditioning depends on the selected devices, the scope of the provided services and the size of rooms supported by particular systems.


Phot. Daikin Urura-Sarara air conditioner – Carline Office, Kraków

Multi Split air-conditioning can connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit after using appropriate distributors. It is a significant advantage if space is limited or it is not possible to install devices outside of the building. Multi air-conditioning provides separate operation of many devices installed in different rooms.
Such a solution enables cooling the air in selected rooms and only when it is needed.

Being an expert in air-conditioning systems, the Carline company offers innovative solutions. Favourable environment and adequate air quality in the workplace and at home have enormous impact on health. Staying indoors can be tiresome and the price we have to pay is never adequate as it affects our wellbeing. That is why investing in suitable air-conditioning systems is worthwhile.

Phot. LG multi air-conditioning system – Laboratory of the Municipal Water and Sewage Company, Krakow

VRF air-conditioning is usually applied in public utility buildings and offices. The VRF system is characterized by constant adjustments of the amount of the refrigerant circulating in the system, to provide optimal conditions and maximum energy efficiency in a given room. Air-conditioning includes an evaporator with an expansion valve regulating the flow of the refrigerant. The compressor adjusts the amount of the refrigerant flowing through it. This type of pumps are extremely quiet in both indoor and outdoor units.

Phot. 3-pipe VRF Mitsubishi Heavy air-conditioning system – ul. Wadowicka 8W

Chilled water is an economical alternative to Freon air-conditioning systems. The system is similar to heating but the water temperature is different. Special fittings direct the water flow to individual receivers. A generator is the heart of chilled water and Freon is a transfer medium for heat exchange between water and air.





Phot. Dakin chilled water – ABM Hall, Krakow

Energy efficient duct air-conditioning
Duct air-conditioning provides economical cooling because it can be equipped with a recuperation system making the device more ecological and reducing energy consumption. Duct installation is invisible and ensures adequate airflow in individual rooms. Moreover, modern duct air-conditioning is extremely quiet and is perfect for bedrooms, while maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature in the house. With the right selection of infrastructure – the noise level of such a device is minimal. Duct air-conditioning is a good solution for conference rooms and auditoriums, hotels and museum halls, where stable temperature and humidity ensure optimal protection of artefacts and valuable works of art.

The price of duct air-conditioning
A wide range of air conditioners is available on the market and their prices vary depending on the applied technology, type of devices, built-in features and the manufacturer.


Phot. GHP Sanyo 2- and 3-pipe air-conditioning system – Hilton Global Hotel, Krakow


We are proud that we can present our recent projects, created thanks to the efforts of our great team and our satisfied customers.

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