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Air-conditioning is based on air exchange in rooms and is aimed at maintaining suitable climatic conditions. Therefore, it should provide a constant, fixed temperature and humidity, thus ensuring convenient, comfortable and optimal working conditions to carry out technological or industrial processes. That is why in many manufacturing companies adapt rooms to the requirements of the processes by equipping them with an suitable ventilation system. The Carline company offers professional cleaning, maintenance and disinfection services for ventilation and air-conditioning systems installed in all types of buildings.

Operating principle of air-conditioning

A device called evaporator extracts heat from one place and transfers it to a condenser. Both devices are connected with thermally insulated copper pipes forming a closed system. Inside that system, there is a refrigerant, collecting heat from one unit and transporting it to another unit.

Installation of air-conditioning requires inspecting all rooms and designing an optimal ventilation system. A split air conditioner is a modern and efficient solution composed of an indoor evaporator and an outdoor condenser. The price depends mostly on the air quality and the type of device. In order to maintain good condition of devices, ensuring fault-free and efficient operation, it is necessary to provide appropriate maintenance service of the air-conditioning or ventilation system.

urządzenia w dobrym stanie zapewniając im bezawaryjne i skuteczne działanie należy zadbać o właściwy serwis klimatyzacji czy wentylacji.

Regular maintenance of the ventilation system considerably prolongs its lifecycle

Depending on the conditions of use, devices need to be regularly inspected and cleaned. Anti-fungal treatment and cleaning of air-conditioning is essential for human health, as mould and other microorganisms may cause diseases and cause discomfort of people staying in poorly air-conditioned or stuffy interiors.

The price of inspection is moderate, whereas regular checks help ensure more efficient and longer operation. Disinfection of air-conditioning systems and cleaning of ventilation are necessary, because it not only guarantees better air quality in the air-conditioned rooms but also improves working conditions, thus enhancing productivity and creativity of employees.

Cleaning of ventilation is not a complicated process, however, it requires systematic application in order to avoid damages or efficiency loss of devices. Being one of the most smog-affected Polish cities, buildings in Krakow need frequent cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning. In the case of heavily polluted environment, it is recommended to carry out maintenance service of air-conditioning twice a year. It includes disinfection of the air-conditioning system, cleaning of ventilation, evaporator and condenser ducts and refilling the refrigerant.

Let us help you

In order to ensure durability of the system, it is important to carry out regular inspections of electrical connections of air-conditioning devices and the controller, checks of leak tightness and flow capacity of the exhaust discharge system. Prices depend on the type of device and the range of services, therefore, it preferable to invest in inspections rather than install a new system. With Carline, it will be easier than you think, so take care of your health and your environment today.