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Ventilation service
in business

Installation of ventilation in the company is an obligation! Thanks to ventilation, excessively heated or polluted air is exchanged and removed, and fresh air is supplied in its place. The ventilation systems we offer guarantee air exchange for new ones, while maintaining the right temperature and high quality. Thanks to this, the room does not feel the temperature difference and you can easily catch your breath. However, for ventilation to work at full capacity, and employees to breathe easily, regular ventilation service in the company is absolutely necessary.
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Ventilation service in business with Carline

The Carline team performs professional inspections and services of ventilation systems (warranty and post-warranty) for companies, offices, service salons, production halls, warehouses.
The Carline company's offer also includes the implementation of ventilation systems in office buildings as well as hotel, residential and restaurants, as well as sports and industrial facilities. Regardless of the size of the project, Carline specialists strive to optimize the ventilation process, which aims to improve the quality and composition of air. Proper ventilation is continuous and also ensures constant air exchange. Another condition is the ability to adjust the ventilation system to adapt it to weather conditions and the situation in the room. We work with the largest producers of ventilation equipment and materials in Poland. Our strategic partners are Harmann, Smay, ANG, Frapol, VTS, Lennox and many others. We design and install ventilation systems for the home and apartment. Our offer includes design, technical consulting, assembly and service of both simple and the most advanced systems.

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Stages of ventilation in the company

Ventilation service in business

  • Inspection -> checking correct operation of the ventilation system
  • Replacement / repair of elements -> assembly of new or repair of existing system parts
  • Cleaning and disinfection -> thorough cleaning of channels and devices and their disinfection using special means
  • Maintenance -> air conditioning system protection until next service

Ventilation service
it's benefits

A ventilation review is a legal obligation and also a guarantee:

  • Security of people (employees, customers, partners, contractors)
  • The correct operation of the devices
  • Optimal temperature
  • Maintaining proper humidity
  • Protection against mold and bacterial growth
  • Pollution reduction
  • Improving air quality (fresh supply)
  • Saving money

Cleaning ventilation in the company

Take a deep breath!

The ventilation system is to ensure excellent quality air and comfortable working conditions for the staff. It is also responsible for regulating moisture levels. If the devices are dirty instead of fresh, polluted air is blown into the rooms, with bacteria, allergens or mites. And this is a quick way to lose health – colds, runny nose, asthma or allergies, as well as a decrease in our employees’ performance. Cleaning the ventilation helps to maintain the efficient operation of the equipment, as well as ensures that the air will be clean, fresh, free of pollution and adequate humidity.

Decontamination of ventilation in the company

Get rid of fungi and bacteria!

The appearance of fungi and bacteria in the ventilation system is actually inevitable. Dirt stops and settles inside the device. However, letting them settle in is a big mistake you can’t afford. Clean air is a guarantee of health and safety for employees and customers. With bacteria inside ventilation devices it is impossible. That is why it is recommended to regularly fumigate the ventilation system in the company using specialized preparations.

Ventilation disinfection in company

Health first!

Dirty ventilation is burdened with increased energy consumption, which also reduces its efficiency. The ventilation system should be inspected and regularly serviced. It is also a necessity resulting from legal provisions. If we want to ensure comfort every day, as well as protect equipment, it is worth ensuring regular cleaning of ventilation in the company. And disinfection is an integral part of it. A professionally made website using specialized means guarantees the best air quality.

Installation of ventilation

We offer design and installation of ventilation in the company - restaurant, hotel, office, industrial hall, store, shopping center

Ventilation service

We provide a complete service of the ventilation system and devices - cleaning, molding and disinfection

Installation of air-conditioning

Complete installation of an air conditioning system to the company. Tailored to the needs of the business

Air-conditioning service

We offer air conditioning system service - fumigation, disinfection, as well as cleaning of devices and installations

Gas Heat Pumps

We provide energy-saving, safe, gas-based heat pump (GHP) systems

Smoke Control

We make professional smoke exhaust systems for companies and enterprises as well as residential buildings

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