Smoke control ventilation

Smoke ventilation has an impact on the time it takes to take evacuation and rescue operations. The safety and life of people in the event of a fire depends on its proper design and implementation. Smoke removal systems are designed to create a smoke-free layer. This is to enable fast and efficient evacuation and facilitate rescue and firefighting operations. The obligation to use fire ventilation systems is governed by the provisions contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of April 12, 2002 on the technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location.
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Kraków - Air conditioning service in a company with Carline

Carline's offer includes a full range of installation services and professional ventilation equipment, including smoke removal systems, for various types of facilities. Smoke extraction is to ensure safety through efficient air exchange. For years, we have been providing the best solutions to companies and enterprises, and our specialized employees offer their support throughout the entire installation process. We provide free local vision, consultancy and the selection and installation of appropriate devices. Each order is carried out individually in line with the expectations of our clients.
We also provide professional inspections and system services. We design and install smoke exhaust systems for small, medium and large companies, as well as residential buildings. Our offer includes design, technical consulting, assembly and service of both simple and the most advanced systems. We also offer full automation.

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Smoke extraction in flats

Apartments Piasta, Krakow
smoke removal installation

Our team was responsible for the implementation in Piasta Towers residential buildings. Starting from design and planning, through implementation and assembly, to final acceptance. The scope of work included: ventilation installation in residential and service premises, common and technical parts, as well as in a multi-storey underground garage. Our task also included the installation of smoke removal for the staircase. In addition, we installed air conditioning systems in some residential and commercial premises.

Smoke extraction in a hotel

Hotel INX ****, Krakow, smoke extraction system

The magnificent INX Hotel not only offers comfortable rooms, cafes and restaurants, but also a SPA, fitness room and enables the organization of conferences. Our team installed 5 Bartosz ventilation units with complete automation servicing all hotel rooms accordingly. In addition, the installation included the installation of exhaust and supply fans for technical, hygienic and sanitary rooms, as well as communication routes. We were also responsible for the installation of mechanical and gravity ventilation for the boiler room.


Gravity smoke removal system

For buildings with a large surface

Gravitational smoke exhaust systems are most often used in buildings with large cubature, i.e. shopping centers, industrial halls and warehouses as well as staircases in public buildings. Automatic smoke ventilation is used in these facilities. It discharges volatile combustion products, i.e. gases and smoke, outside the building through automatic smoke exhaust devices. Smoke extraction and compensatory air supply are provided by smoke vents and smoke vents and smoke curtains.

Mechanical smoke removal systems

Multi-level smoke extraction and safety

Mechanical smoke extraction systems remove smoke using fans. Such smoke exhaust ventilation is located on the roof or in ventilation ducts and is used in multi-storey buildings – where it is not possible to smoke directly from the fire zone through smoke exhaust flaps. Mechanical smoke exhaust systems include smoke extract ducts, fire ventilation flaps and smoke exhaust fans with adequate fire resistance.

Smoke extraction of a building often uses both systems: gravitational and mechanical.

Aeration of buildings

Pressure control

Smoke extraction with exhaust fans requires an aeration system. Aeration is necessary to maintain overpressure relative to adjacent rooms, as it prevents smoke suction in the event of a fire.

Smoke extraction systems protect vertical escape routes, i.e. staircases and fire vestibules. They are also used to remove smoke from extensive fire zones, including garages and escape corridors.

Mandatory smoke ventilation

Legal regulations

In many facilities, smoke extraction systems are obligatory, e.g. in closed garages with an area of> 1500 m2 (§ 277.4 [1]), in staircases and fire vestibules in high-rise buildings (§ 246.2 [1]), in indoor pedestrian routes to which service premises are adjacent (§ 247.2 [1]).

In some buildings, smoke exhaust systems are necessary because their installation ensures larger areas of fire zones or long escape routes. Smoke ventilation also allows the architect to lower the fire resistance class of an object.

Installation of ventilation

We offer design and installation of ventilation in the company - restaurant, hotel, office, industrial hall, store, shopping center

Ventilation service

We provide a complete service of the ventilation system and devices - cleaning, molding and disinfection

Installation of air-conditioning

Complete installation of an air conditioning system to the company. Tailored to the needs of the business

Air-conditioning service

We offer air conditioning system service - fumigation, disinfection, as well as cleaning of devices and installations

Gas Heat Pumps

We provide energy-saving, safe, gas-based heat pump (GHP) systems

Smoke Control

We make professional smoke exhaust systems for companies and enterprises as well as residential buildings

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