Heat pumps (GHP)

Carline as one of the most experienced companies in Poland in the field of gas systems and pumps offers safe systems based on Gas Heat Pumps (GHP) and heating pumps. The solution uses gas flue systems in a heat pump system operating in the VRF refrigerant variable flow system. This is an extremely economical and efficient solution that is worth using in modern construction.
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Kraków - Gas heat pump systems from Carline

Carline's offer includes a full range of installation services and professional heating pumps for various types of facilities. GHP ensures efficient, economical and stable operation. For years, we have been providing the best solutions to companies and enterprises, and our specialized employees offer their support throughout the entire installation process. We provide free local vision, consultancy and the selection and installation of appropriate devices. Each order is carried out individually in line with the expectations of our clients.
We also provide professional inspections and system services. We design and install gas heat pump systems for small, medium and large companies, as well as residential buildings. Our offer includes design, technical consulting, assembly and service of both simple and the most advanced systems.

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GHP w hotelu

Hilton Hotel, Krakow
GHP installation

The VRF-GHP system operates based on gas heat pumps powered by gas operating on the ecological factor R410A. The VRF-3 pipe system allows simultaneous heating and cooling in one system - total cooling power of GHP aggregates installed on the roof, approx. 460 kW

Heat pumps in the company

ABB Pugetów Palace, Kraków GHP installation

The ABB Pugetów Palace measurement and research facility is air-conditioned and heated thanks to an ecological VRF installation. The system operates based on Panasonic Gas Heat Pumps (GHP). The total power of GHP systems in the building is approx. 250 kW.


Gas heat pump system (GHP)

Economic and ecological solution

Generally, heat pumps are heat pumps with an electric motor driven compressor. Currently, however, there are heat pumps with a gas-powered compressor. Gas is a cheap and easily available motor fuel. Works better on the environment because it emits a small amount of harmful substances. In addition, the engine designed for the heat pump is stable: it is distinguished by shorter stroke, lower compression pressure and lower combustion temperatures.

The gas heat pump allows you to reduce the consumption of electricity during increased energy demand while performing the cooling and heating function. During this time, it produces usable water within one device using natural gas or LPG.

Installation of a gas heat pump system from Carline!

Speed, precision and professionalism

Thanks to our previous activities, we can boast of many facilities in which we installed GHP systems. We carry out professional inspections and repairs, as well as comprehensive service of oil change aggregates and regeneration of exhaust gas exchangers. We also offer repairs to GHP engines – we regenerate and service heat pumps and components, e.g. three-way valves.

Installation of ventilation

We offer design and installation of ventilation in the company - restaurant, hotel, office, industrial hall, store, shopping center

Ventilation service

We provide a complete service of the ventilation system and devices - cleaning, molding and disinfection

Installation of air-conditioning

Complete installation of an air conditioning system to the company. Tailored to the needs of the business

Air-conditioning service

We offer air conditioning system service - fumigation, disinfection, as well as cleaning of devices and installations

Gas Heat Pumps

We provide energy-saving, safe, gas-based heat pump (GHP) systems

Smoke Control

We make professional smoke exhaust systems for companies and enterprises as well as residential buildings

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Hilton Garden Inn

Obiekty rekreacyjne

Amusement Park “Energylandia”


Park Leśny Bronowice Housing Estate


Corporate Research Centre ABB

We offer design and installation of HVAC systems for clients - Kraków and Małopolska

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