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Air conditioning service in business

The service of air-conditioning units in a company is a very important matter. Installation of air conditioning requires periodic review due to legal regulations. Above all, however, we should remember that safety, air conditioning performance, energy efficiency or proper, trouble-free operation of an air conditioner depend on regular air conditioning service. To enjoy the benefits of air conditioning, service should be outsourced to specialists.
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Air conditioning service in business with Carline

The Carline team offers the best services in the field of air conditioning systems. The advantage of our company is experienced, professional staff who will carry out a comprehensive service ranging from installation of an air conditioning system to the inspection and service of air conditioners. We provide services in the field of maintenance and service of the most popular split, multi-split devices and VRF systems on the Polish market.
Our offer includes air-conditioning devices from valued and popular brands offering high quality equipment. These include: Heier, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, LG and Gree. Many years of work with the equipment of renowned companies allows us to carry out a thorough review in the company. We provide reliable, professional air conditioning equipment service. Our activities in the field of air conditioning service and maintenance will allow to obtain the best effect in the form of clean air free of allergenic and pathogenic factors. Therefore, air conditioning cleaning is performed from air inlets and outlets, through all filters, ducts and cables in the device. As part of the service, we also supplement the coolant.

Take care of the air conditioning service in the company!


Stages of air conditioning service in the company

Air conditioning service

  • Overview -> checking the functions of the air conditioner, checking the mounting of the device
  • Replacement / repair of elements -> damaged, worn parts of the air conditioner are subject to replacement
  • Cleaning -> thorough removal of dirt from the outdoor unit (condenser) and indoor unit (evaporator)
  • Disinfection -> cleaning and fumigation, as well as protection of filters and the whole device
  • Refrigerant replenishment

Benefits service

Regular air conditioning service is a must.

We gain:

  • Clean Air
  • Maintaining the proper operation of the air conditioning system
  • Maintaining efficiency and efficiency
  • Savings in the company's budget
  • Safety and comfort for employees, customers and partners
  • Removal of germs, bacteria, fungi, mites, allergens

Air conditioning cleaning in the company

Breathe clean air!

The air conditioner is to provide excellent quality air and comfortable working conditions for the staff. If the device or filters are dirty, instead of fresh air, it blows into the room with pollution, bacteria, allergens or mites. And this is a quick way to lose health – colds, runny nose, asthma or allergies, as well as a decrease in our employees’ performance. Cleaning the air conditioner helps to maintain the efficient operation of the unit, as well as ensures that the air is clean, fresh, and free from pollution.

Fumigation of air conditioning in the company

Remove fungi and bacteria!

The appearance of fungi and bacteria in the air conditioning system is inevitable. Filtering stops contaminants that settle inside the device. However, letting them settle in is a big mistake you can’t afford. Clean air is a guarantee of health and safety for employees and customers. With bacteria inside the device it is impossible. That is why it is recommended to regularly clean the air conditioner in the company.

Air conditioning disinfection in the company

Safety first!

Dirty air conditioning is burdened with increased energy consumption, which also reduces its efficiency. The air conditioner is working louder, which may disturb operation. Inspection and service are also a necessity arising from legal provisions. If we want to ensure comfort every day, as well as protect equipment, it is worth ensuring regular cleaning of air conditioning in the company. And disinfection is an integral part of it. A professionally made website guarantees the best air quality.

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Air-conditioning service

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