Installation of air conditioning for business

Installation of air conditioning in the office gives comfort to employees, clients and contractors. A properly selected and installed air conditioning system also ensures proper operation of the devices. Choosing an air conditioner, installing the system, and regular service is the basis of efficiency, as well as a guarantee of savings and security in any business.
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Installation of air conditioning for business

Carline provides complete services in the field of air conditioning. We have been operating on the market for over 25 years. Thanks to the experience and qualified staff of engineers and installers, we guarantee complete installation of air conditioning and a reliable and durable implementation of each order.
For years, we've been cooperating with the largest manufacturers of air conditioning devices in Poland. We offer the installation of air conditioners from the world's best producers: Haier, Daikin, LG, Midea, Fujitsu, Gree, Samsung and Mitsubishi Electric. At the client's request, we develop a concept tailored to his requirements in accordance with the proper air conditioning installation project for the company. In implementations for enterprises, we put the greatest emphasis on optimization and cost-effectiveness of the proposed solutions and development in a short time.

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Installation of air conditioning for business

Air conditioning installation in the company

  • Preparation of the place of installation assembly
  • Installation of refrigeration and control installations, drainage system, power supply
  • Indoor and outdoor unit installation
  • Connection of devices
  • Leak test
  • Commissioning of air conditioning devices
  • Checking the operation of the air conditioning system and training in the operation of equipment

Air conditioning in the company is a benefit

The air conditioning provides:

  • Optimal temperature
  • Comfort of work for staff
  • Maintaining proper humidity
  • Improving air quality
  • Comfort for customers, contractors and partners
  • Air purification
  • Protection of equipment and devices
  • Saving money
  • Meeting the health and safety requirements

VRF air conditioning

Professional system for business!

VRF air conditioning is most often used in public buildings and offices. The VRF system is characterized by a continuous change in the amount of refrigerant circulating in the system, thanks to which it ensures optimal conditions and maximum energy efficiency in a given room. The VRF system is very similar to the Split or Multi Split system, however VRF has a different way of connecting units to the aggregate. Tee system is used in systems with a variable amount of refrigerant. The assembly is based on one pair of pipes (supply / return) coming out of the aggregate and special tees, on which the installation branches into individual indoor units.

The air conditioning consists of an evaporator in which the expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant. The compressor regulates the amount of refrigerant flowing through it. Pumps of this type work extremely quietly in both indoor and outdoor units.

Duct Air Conditioning

Energy-saving option, economical cooling!

Duct air conditioning ensures economic cooling as it can be equipped with a recuperation system. Thanks to this, the device is more ecological and uses less energy. The duct system is invisible and provides adequate airflow in individual rooms. In addition, modern duct air conditioning is extremely quiet and works well in offices, maintaining a constant, favorable temperature for employees. With properly selected infrastructure – the volume of such a device is minimal. Installation of duct air conditioning is a good solution in conference and lecture halls, hotels and museum rooms, where constant temperature and humidity are required to provide optimal protection for artifacts and valuable works of art.

Ice Water Air Conditioning

Economical air conditioning solution!

Chilled water is a cheap alternative to freon air conditioning systems. It is a system similar to heating, and the difference is in the temperature of the water. Appropriate fittings control the flow of water to individual receivers. The chiller is the heart of ice water, and freon is an agent in the heat exchange between water and air.

Air Conditioning Split

A simple way to comfort!

Split type air conditioning is used in small offices. It is extremely effective because it maintains constant parameters in the rooms. Installation of air conditioning includes two cooperating units – internal and external. The indoor unit cools the air in the room and the outdoor unit dissipates heat outside the facility. The devices work quietly, providing comfort to users, because the outdoor unit includes loud elements, the air conditioner is not bothersome during work and rest.

Air Conditioning Multi Split

Get more for your company!

Multi Split air conditioning can connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit. This is a huge advantage, especially if we do not have space or permission to install devices outside the building. Air conditioning in the Multi system ensures the separation of many devices installed in different rooms of the building. This economical solution ensures air cooling in selected rooms only when it is needed.

Installation of ventilation

We offer design and installation of ventilation in the company - restaurant, hotel, office, industrial hall, store, shopping center

Ventilation service

We provide a complete service of the ventilation system and devices - cleaning, molding and disinfection

Installation of air-conditioning

Complete installation of an air conditioning system to the company. Tailored to the needs of the business

Air-conditioning service

We offer air conditioning system service - fumigation, disinfection, as well as cleaning of devices and installations

Gas Heat Pumps

We provide energy-saving, safe, gas-based heat pump (GHP) systems

Smoke Control

We make professional smoke exhaust systems for companies and enterprises as well as residential buildings

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