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We design air conditioning, ventilation and smoke removal systems for home and business.

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We deliver devices and
make professional installation
of HVAC systems.

Service & Review

Complete service - cleaning, disinfection, molding, as well as repair or replacement of equipment.


We offer full support
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Design, assembly and service of HVAC systems: ventilation, air conditioning, heating and smoke extraction and automation in the company

We are specialists in HVAC systems. We design and install air conditioning, ventilation, as well as heating, smoke extraction, fire protection installations, gas heat pumps (GHP) and automation, as well as installation and equipment service.
The Carline company was founded in 1994 in Rabka Zdrój, where the head office is located. However, Krakow is our main area of ​​activity. Our central office is located here. We provide professional HVAC services, not only in Krakow, but also throughout Lesser Poland. We enjoy trust among both individual clients and enterprises. We are constantly improving our qualifications and looking for the best solutions. We offer a complete service: we draw a project and carry out assembly, and the implementation is based on modern, proven technologies and devices. We create solutions for home, flat and company.

We provide comprehensive air conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as heating, smoke removal, GHP and automation for business, including:

  • boffices, offices as well as banks, a studio
  • service companies
  • beds such as a hotel or a guest house
  • industrial buildings: production hall or mine
  • warehouse buildings
  • recreational facilities, i.e. amusement park, gym or other sports facilities, aquapark, swimming pool and SPA
  • gastronomy: restaurant, as well as a cafe, bar, pizzeria
  • shops and shopping mall
  • church, presbytery, museum
  • college, kindergarten or conference room
  • doctor’s office, clinic, as well as a hospital
  • logistics center, laboratory and research center
  • blocks of flats

Solutions for business clients

Carline offers investors a wide range of installation services. We offer a professional design, consultancy regarding the selection of optimal solutions as well as installation of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and smoke removal systems, as well as automation of HVAC devices.

Our offer includes air conditioning specially designed for the office, air conditioning installation and equipment service. Air conditioning is particularly important for office employees. Well-ventilated rooms and ergonomic work stations increase the efficiency of employees and increase the comfort of work. We also specialize in company design, installation and ventilation.

Functional air conditioning for the office

Modern air conditioning for the office is a system of advanced devices that ensures constant air exchange in the rooms and maintains specific climatic conditions in the interiors: a constant, selected temperature, as well as proper proper air humidity.

We make a site visit on the construction site, we develop technical documentation as well as projects tailored to the construction requirements and the needs of investors. We present the possibilities and technical solutions, we discuss the details, suggesting the most economical and energy-saving installations, as well as innovative hybrid solutions and air conditioning systems.

We implement modern installation projects, taking into account ecological aspects, energy costs and safety reasons.

Ventilation system for the company

The office ventilation system is a combination of advanced devices that provide employees with comfort and convenience of work. Ventilation is responsible for constant air exchange in rooms and maintaining proper air humidity.

We make a site visit, develop technical documentation, as well as ventilation projects tailored to building requirements and investors’ needs. We present the possibilities and technical solutions, we discuss the details, suggesting the most economical and energy-saving ventilation systems, as well as innovative ventilation solutions with heat recovery.

We implement modern ventilation installation projects taking into account ecological aspects, energy costs and safety reasons. We also provide ventilation service.

Proven office solutions

All solutions offered to business clients are always thoroughly analyzed in terms of their needs and requirements, and then presented in several variants, convenient for investors.

As part of the cooperation, we offer: installation of air conditioning systems, as well as mechanical ventilation. we make sprinkler systems as well as heating installations based on, among others gas heat pumps and plumbing. Noteworthy is the air conditioning for the office – from simple, proven solutions such as Split or Multi Split, to professional ice water systems or VRF.

We also encourage you to regularly inspect the installation and service of air conditioning equipment, as well as to review the ventilation system in the company.

Installation of ventilation

We offer design and installation of ventilation in the company - restaurant, hotel, office, industrial hall, store, shopping center

Ventilation service

We provide a complete service of the ventilation system and devices - cleaning, molding and disinfection

Installation of air-conditioning

Complete installation of an air conditioning system to the company. Tailored to the needs of the business

Air-conditioning service

We offer air conditioning system service - fumigation, disinfection, as well as cleaning of devices and installations

Gas Heat Pumps

We provide energy-saving, safe, gas-based heat pump (GHP) systems

Smoke Control

We make professional smoke exhaust systems for companies and enterprises as well as residential buildings

Our Projects


Hilton Garden Inn

Obiekty rekreacyjne

Amusement Park “Energylandia”


Park Leśny Bronowice Housing Estate


Corporate Research Centre ABB

We offer design and installation of HVAC systems for clients - Kraków and Małopolska

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